Hi there! I am Wayne Walters and I started True Marketing Strategies in 2009. SEO is the main service I provide to local, national and international companies. I have also worked with individuals to help increase their visibility on the Internet.

I conduct business a little differently than you will experience with other SEO agencies.  I do not expect clients to pay for SEO month-after-month or year-after-year. Typically my SEO programs consist of 9-12 month campaigns and after that period it drops down to a lower maintenance program, or your web presence may be sufficiently strong enough to not need active SEO at all. I prescribe to the minimum effective dose strategy in terms of your web marketing.

If you’re looking for a fancy, tricked up SEO website with sliders and fancy graphics to help you make your SEO decision then I am not the one for you. There are plenty of SEO agencies with websites like that and you are welcome to visit their pages. I keep it simple here and I use tried and true SEO strategies for my clients.

I am very transparent with the SEO I provide. I will let you know based on your competition what I think it will take to compete in your market. Oftentimes I provide the market analysis and SEO outline and then provide the SEO scope of work that allows companies to perform their needed SEO in-house.  Every company’s web presence is different and every market requires different strategies to get the best SEO results.

The first step is clicking the “getting started” on the homepage and then filling out the market analysis form. Or call me directly at 646-573-5747. I look forward to working with you!

Wayne Walters
True Marketing Strategies