Instantly Reach 10000 New York City Households with Average Incomes over $100k

We distribute a 2-sided mega postcard with upfront advertising that works. There are no pages to flip through. No envelopes to open. This guarantees potential customers see your ad. We allow one business per category on each postcard. For example, if a hair salon signs up then that will be the only hair salon allowed on that postcard. There will be 14 local businesses in total advertised on the front and back. We take this…

… and turn it into this! You will pay a fraction of the cost of what it would take to do this much advertising on your own.  You will get free ad design and no long term contract. These mega postcards are hand delivered in high income neighborhoods in New York City. All for 7 cents per postcard. You can release a flash flood of new customers in just days.

Your one time ad investment is 7 cents per postcard. This includes:

  1. Free Ad design
  2. One Advertiser per industry – no competitors
  3. Massive 9×12″ full color mega postcard mailed to local residents
  4. Guaranteed instant customer visibility
  5. No long term contracts
  6. First come first serve for your industry

Sign up now to claim your ad spot for the mailing targeted to go out by January 30, 2023.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What areas do you mail to?
We mail to different area codes and mail routes in New York City.

If an area has more than 10,000 residents, where do the postcards get mailed to for that area?
We sort that area by income and mail to the top 10,000 mailboxes by income.

Do I have to provide artwork for the ad?
Artwork is FREE! You provide basic information so the ad can be created for you and adjusted so that you are happy with the final product before it goes to print.

Why is the cost so low?
As you might know, printing and postage can be very expensive. By grouping non-competing local businesses on the postcard, everyone shares in the cost to print and mail the postcards, greatly reducing the price for each individual business.

Why is the cost so high?
Direct mail is never cheap especially when you factor in design, printing, and the ever-rising postage rates. But direct mail has proven over and over again to be an excellent ROI (Return on Investment) for local business owners. Our mega 9×12 postcards give you an AFFORDABLE option without having to compete for your customer’s attention!

Will I be locked into a long term contract?
Repetition is key for a customer to remember your ad and service. Imagine if you saw a billboard once, would you be able to remember it? Businesses who do multiple mailings find better results because repetitive advertising WORKS! We will be offering the opportunity to secure ad spots at a discount when reserving placement for multiple mailings. Stay tuned!